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  • Just Do It


    This book is the story of how I started a business with N2,025 that led to my financial freedom. It is about how I moved from a messenger to an employer of labor.

    If you are one of those persons asking “What kind of business can I do?” I encourage you to Read this book! This isĀ  the second edition of a book that has enjoyed wide popularity in the circles of businessmen, network marketers, students and career workers and entrepreneurs.

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  • Leadership Development


    This program would also provide the learner with the ability of creating their own leadership development plan towards recognizing the organizational politics can provide positive ways to influence others in order to accomplish goals.

    You’ll also have an opportunity to practice methods for influencing effectively and ethically.


    Effective Leadership Communication Strategies

    Leadership Essentials: Creating Your Own Leadership Development Plan

    Leadership Essentials: Building Your Influence as a Leader

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  • Multilevel Marketing


    At a point in my early stage of Multi Level Marketing career, I was confused whether MLM business is Godly or Ungodly until I discovered the mystery of the business. Then I learnt one of my most powerful lessons: Never criticize what you don’t understand. In other words, you must seek first to understand before you criticize.

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