Our Values

Our Core Values

In every action our values remain at the forefront of the training experience.

These are the values we will rely on to achieve our vision

Earning and Maintaining Trust

Earning and maintaining our clients’ and partners’ trust will be the foundation we will rely on to design, deliver and follow through on any training service our clients entrust us with. Be it a 2-day training workshop for improving interviewing skills or a year-long program for developing tomorrow’s leaders, our clients will count on us – can trust us the most – to deliver the product or service that will meet their expectations on all fronts.


We know that doing a good job might help us climb the ladder of success but it won’t keep us there. Ever since the firm was founded, Excellence has not only been a watch word but a practice in our organization. For success to be sustainable, it needs to be built on Excellence. We strive for Excellence in everything we do including response to client or the environment we organize our training programs.

Customer First

This is one of our most valued. Our training is designed with our clients in mind. The structure of our training programs, the flexible pricing structures we offer, make and in all other areas, we think of you first.

Continual Improvement

In spite of the satisfaction we have in our training services, we are aware that the only way to deliver the very best is to strive for continual improvement. At SAFESAAC Consulting, we take client feedback very seriously and it forms an integral part of our course development process, allowing us to better engage delegate and enhance the learning process.

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