About Us

About SAFESAAC Consulting

SAFESAAC Consulting exists to support leaders from all sectors and across ages to deliver at the peak of their leadership potentials. By expanding knowledge and skills of clients we transform their performance and wellbeing, as well as the growth of their organization.

We have built a strong track record of leadership, personal, business and finance and workforce development training services with demonstrable evidence ranging from training of state government cabinet members, top rated religious bodies, ministries, schools and corporate organization and other countless businesses and individuals.

We are a global leadership training service provider that offers an array of training solutions ranging from leadership development to personal and organizational transformation for individual and workplace productivity, lifestyle effectiveness that addresses both current and emerging corporate and life challenges.

Our mission is to unleash the leadership potential and power in people, ministries and organizations through the delivery of leadership-oriented, self-management trainings and mental building programs to serve the greater good of people, society and the world at large.

“To be our client’s most trusted leadership training service provider that delivers with excellence, effectiveness and enjoyment for generations to come.

In every action our values remain at the forefront of the training experience.

These are the values we will rely on to achieve our vision


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